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Reliable and Secure Storage for Embedded Systems


Greenliant leveraged its 25+ years of memory and controller technology expertise to create a comprehensive storage product portfolio for embedded applications—from automotive infotainment and transportation to building control and industrial automation to video surveillance and digital signage. Our award-winning NANDrive solid state drive (SSD) combines Greenliant's advanced NAND controller with NAND flash die in a small, multi-chip package. Available in a wide range of capacities, NANDrive SSDs support full industrial temperatures in various industry-standard interfaces.


G-card is Greenliant's high capacity NVMe PCIe flash storage solution designed for primary storage applications that require ultra-high reliability with sustainable low-latency and high IOPS performance. G-card combines Greenliant's advanced controller and an array of NANDrive SSDs, in a standard PCIe add-in card form factor. G-card is bootable on multiple operating systems and is ideal for mission critical, I/O intensive applications, such as database, big data analytics, in-memory computing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and online transaction processing (OLTP).


Available in a wide range of form factors and capacities, Greenliant’s ArmourDrive portfolio is ideal for demanding industrial, medical, datacenter, gaming, video and imaging applications that require removable and reliable data storage. In addition to robust power interrupt protection, ArmourDrive’s advanced features include secure erase, write protection and lifespan monitoring. Tested for shock and vibration, and operating at industrial temperatures, ArmourDrive SSDs and memory cards are able to withstand extreme environments.

NAND Controllers

Comprising the heart of NAND-based storage solutions, Greenliant's NAND Controllers are built upon more than two decades of controller design expertise. They are the primary choice for NAND flash-based modules and solid state drives that require long product life, high reliability and low power consumption. All of our NAND Controllers are based on Greenliant's advanced wear leveling technology, coupled with robust error correction and data integrity protection during power interrupts.

Specialty Flash Memory

Greenliant's Specialty Flash Memory portfolio includes the Many-Time Programmable, SSF™ (Small-Sector Flash™) and CSF™ (Concurrent SuperFlash™) product families. These products provide high performance, superior reliability of greater than 100 years data retention, low power consumption and small footprint, making them well-suited for code storage applications and space-constrained systems.

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