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Designed to provide high reliability, high performance and large capacity storage for demanding enterprise and Internet datacenter applications, G-card combines Greenliant's advanced controller and an array of small form factor NANDrive™ solid state storage devices, in a standard PCIe add-in card format.

Constructed with Greenliant's volume proven NANDrive device as the basic building block for the storage medium, G-card offers the highest reliability and rich functionality, as each individual NANDrive is equipped with its own NAND controller that improves the system-level endurance far beyond that of the NAND component. In addition to the ECC engine inside each NANDrive, G-card also offers built-in hardware RAID to provide a much higher level of protection against uncorrectable errors (UNC). With an intelligent power interrupt data protection circuit for the on-board DDR buffer memory, G-card can commit host write operations without risk of data loss.

G-card surpasses traditional storage in performance and is ideal for I/O intensive applications. G-card's advanced architecture supports Concurrent Read / Write operations with sustainable low latency, giving users a consistent performance experience. For added flexibility, G-card user capacity can be configured depending on the application's performance and capacity requirements. Using 2-bits-per-cell (MLC) NAND flash, G-card offers modern enterprise and Internet datacenters a cost-effective and highly reliable tier-one primary storage solution.

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Product Interface Capacity NAND Configuration Temperature Range Form Factor
G7101 PCIe 2.0 x4 900 GB (1.37 TB Raw) 2 bits per cell (MLC) 0°C to +55°C Full Height, Half Length
(111.15 x 167.65 x 18.42mm)
G7102 PCIe 2.0 x4 1.8 TB (2.75 TB Raw) 2 bits per cell (MLC) 0°C to +55°C Full Height, Half Length
(111.15 x 167.65 x 18.42mm)
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