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EnduroSLC Technology

EnduroSLC™ Technology Advantages

Superior Data Retention
EnduroSLC enabled SSDs meet robust data retention requirements under complex temperature conditions. EnduroSLC NANDrive products can withstand multiple passes of SMT high temperature process without losing data.
Ultra-High Endurance
Wide choice of endurance options from 50K to market leading 300K program-erase (P/E) cycles.
Wide Cross-Temperature Range
Wide cross-temperature range between data programming and reading (write data at a high or low temperature and read it reliably at the opposite end of the operating temperature range).

A New Class of Solid State Drives

To address the most demanding longevity requirements, Greenliant offers EX Series ArmourDrive™, NANDrive™ and Enterprise SSD product lines with EnduroSLC Technology. EnduroSLC enabled SSDs are ideal for write-intensive workloads and high temperature, high stress environments.
Product Line Interface / Form Factor Capacity Endurance
NANDrive eMMC 5.1 BGA 2GB – 32GB 50K, 100K, 250K+ P/E cycles*
SATA 6Gb/s BGA 2GB – 128GB
ArmourDrive mSATA 10GB – 320GB 60K, 120K, 300K P/E cycles*
SATA M.2 2242 10GB – 320GB
Industrial Enterprise SATA 2.5” 800GB – 1.92TB 30 DWPD for 5 years**
NVMe U.2 800GB – 1.92TB
* Program/Erase (P/E) cycles of 250K, or higher, offered up to the second highest capacity listed for each product
** Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD)
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