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11/27/2019 Greenliant's SD and microSD ArmourDrive Memory Cards Operate at Industrial Temperatures Embedded Computing Design
11/21/2019 Карты Greenliant ArmourDrive форматов SD и microSD обладают повышенной надёжностью
11/21/2019 New SD and microSD Industrial Memory Cards Support UHS I-104 High Bus Speed Mode ThomasNet News
11/21/2019 Greenliant发布工业级SD/microSD存储卡
11/20/2019 Tarjetas de memoria SD y microSD para entornos industriales industriaembebidahoy
11/20/2019 New Greenliant ArmourDrive SD and microSD industrial memory cards announced Geeky Gadgets
11/20/2019 Greenliant Adds SD and microSD industrial memory cards
11/20/2019 Pancerne karty pamięci od Greenliant
11/20/2019 Ассортимент Greenliant пополнили промышленные карты памяти, в которых используется флеш-память SLC NAND
11/20/2019 Greenliant Adds SD and microSD Industrial Temperature Memory Cards to ArmourDrive Portfolio
09/16/2019 Greenliant ArmourDrive SSDs Exceed 250,000+ P/E Cycles By Using EnduroSLC Technology Embedded Computing Design
09/06/2019 Unidades SSD industriales industriaembebidahoy
09/06/2019 Greenliant Sampling 6Gb SATA ArmourDrive EX Series SSD
09/03/2019 SSD con 250.000 ciclos de programación / borrado industriaembebidahoy
08/30/2019 Solid-state modules take on tough environments
08/30/2019 绿芯发布新一代NANDrive EX系列SSD,25万次擦写循环
08/29/2019 P/Eサイクル250KのEnduroSLCを採用するSATA SSD、Greenliant「ArmourDrive EX」シリーズ hermitage akihabara
08/29/2019 Besoin de mémoire super solide ? Greenliant apporte ses nouveaux SSD en SLC3 Le Comptoir du Hardware
08/29/2019 Greenliant EnduroSLC SATA ArmourDrive SSDs Ideal for Write-Intensive Workloads
08/29/2019 Greenliant ArmourDrive EX: твердотельные накопители повышенной надёжности
08/29/2019 Greenliant ArmourDrive™ SSDs Reach 250,000+ P/E Cycles
08/29/2019 Greenliant ArmourDrive SSDs Reach 250,000+ P/E Cycles (SLC)
08/28/2019 Greenliant EnduroSLC SATA ArmourDrive SSDs Ideal for Write-Intensive Workloads TweakTown
08/28/2019 Greenliant ArmourDrive SSDs Reach 250,000+ P/E Cycles with EnduroSLC Technology TechPowerUp
08/16/2019 Greenliant Starts Sampling 6Gb SATA NANDrive EX Series BGA Up to 128GB SSDs
08/14/2019 Greenliant Announces New EnduroSLC™ SATA 6Gb/s NANDrive™ SSDs Embedded Computing Design
08/08/2019 Latest NANDrive SSDs from Greenliant are Designed with EnduroSLC Technology ThomasNet News
08/07/2019 P/Eサイクル250,000回の1チップSSD、Greenliant「NANDrive EX」シリーズ hermitage akihabara
08/07/2019 Greenliant Now Sampling Industrial Grade EnduroSLC™ SSDs
08/07/2019 NEW – Greenliant is Now Sampling EnduroSLC™ SATA 6Gb/s NANDrive™ SSDs!
08/07/2019 Greenliant Offers Superior Data Retention and Endurance with EnduroSLC SATA NANDrive SSDs BISinfotech
08/07/2019 [儲存裝置] 25萬次P/E循環!超級長壽的SLC SSD誕生 XFastest
08/06/2019 High capacity NVMe Solid State Drives available in 2280 form factor Electronic Specifier
08/06/2019 Greenliant Offers Superior Data Retention and Endurance with EnduroSLC SATA NANDrive SSDs TweakTown
07/31/2019 SSDs serve embedded and enterprise systems Electronic Products and Technology
07/26/2019 Greenliant Starts Sampling NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive SSD in 2242 and 2280 Form Factors With TLC 3D NAND
07/26/2019 Industrietaugliche SSD-Karten mit kompaktem Formfaktor elektronik informationen
07/22/2019 Solid State Drives 88 PX Series World Industrial Reporter
07/19/2019 NVMe M.2 solid state drives in 2242 and 2280 form factors eeNews Europe
07/19/2019 Napędy NVMe M.2 od Greenliant
07/19/2019 Промышленные твердотельные накопители Greenliant ArmourDrive 88 PX развивают скорость передачи данных до 3470 МБ/с
07/18/2019 Greenliant Delivers Ultra-Fast Speeds with NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive SSDs
07/18/2019 Módulos SSD M.2 NVMe de gran capacidad industriaembebidahoy
07/18/2019 Greenliant 88 PX Series NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive SSDs introduced Geeky Gadgets
07/18/2019 SSD-накопители Greenliant NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive вмещают до 1,92 Тбайт данных
07/18/2019 Greenliant ofrece unidades SSD M.2 2280 y M.2 2242 de hasta 1.92 TB resistentes a temperaturas extremas GEEKNETIC
07/18/2019 NVMe SSDs can withstand extreme environments says Greenliant
07/17/2019 Greenliant Introduces 88 PX Series NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive SSDs TechPowerUp
03/12/2019 Industrial SSD Modules ArmourDrive™ PX Series World Industrial Reporter
03/06/2019 Greenliant to display SSD product portfolio at electronica China 2019 News Researchers
03/05/2019 Embedded World: Greenliant Systems Showcased PX Series SATA 2.5-Inch, SATA M.2 2242 and CFast ArmourDrive SSD
03/05/2019 Greenliant ArmourDrive : un SSD résistant aux températures extrêmes HardwareStyle
03/01/2019 Greenliant adds industrial version to ArmourDrive SSD offering
02/28/2019 Greenliant Expands Portfolio of ArmourDrive SSD Modules with PX Series Supporting Advanced Power-fail Data Protection ThomasNet News
02/27/2019 SSD Modules Take On Industrial Challenges Sensors Online
02/27/2019 -40~85℃の広温度域と停電保護に対応するSATA3.0 SSD、Greenliant「ArmourDrive」 hermitage akihabara
02/27/2019 Greenliant Adds Industrial Temperature SATA 2.5″, M.2 2242 & CFast to ArmourDrive Lineup
12/18/2018 Greenliant Unveils High Endurance SSDs
12/12/2018 New Solid State Drives from Greenliant are Suitable for Write-Intensive Applications ThomasNet News
12/11/2018 Greenliant Launches EnduroSLC SSDs with Up to 250K P/E Cycles AnandTech
11/23/2018 Electronica: Greenliant Sampling 87 PX Series SATA M.2 ArmourDrive SSD
11/22/2018 Solution for embedded designs requiring reliable removable storage Electronic Specifier
11/16/2018 Solid state drives suit removable data storage
11/15/2018 New 87 PX Series SATA M.2 ArmourDrive is Designed for Embedded Systems Requiring Removable Data Storage ThomasNet News
11/15/2018 Grenliant Introduces 87 PX Series SATA M.2 ArmourDrive SSDs
11/13/2018 Greenliant expands ArmourDrive solid state drive range with 87 PX Series SATA M.2 Geeky Gadgets
11/13/2018 Latest ArmourDrive SSDs Come in New Form Factors ThomasNet News
11/12/2018 Greenliant to Present NANDrive and ArmourDrive SSDs at Electronica 2018 Embedded Computing Design
11/12/2018 Greenliant Sampling Industrial Temperature SATA M.2 ArmourDrive SSDs
01/09/2018 Greenliant Announces eMMC 5.1 NANDrive Embedded SSD TenLinks
01/08/2018 Greenliant Systems announces eMMC 5.1 NANDrive embedded solid state drive
12/31/2017 Embedded solid state drive boosts performance, capacity Electronic Products and Technology
12/22/2017 Greenliant Sample eMMC 5.1 NANDrive Embedded SSD for Industrial Applications
12/21/2017 eMMC 5.1 Embedded SSDs NANDrive World Industrial Reporter
12/20/2017 Greenliant adds SSDs to eMMC NANDrive embedded range
12/20/2017 Embedded solid state drives for industrial applications Electronic Specifier
12/17/2017 Embedded solid-state drive chips support JEDEC eMMC 5.1 standard Microcontroller tips
12/14/2017 eMMC NANDrive™ Embedded Solid State Drives are HS200/HS400 compliant. ThomasNet News
12/13/2017 Embedded Solid State Drive Product Family Offers Enhanced Features Electronic Component News (ECN)
12/13/2017 Greenliant Expands Portfolio of Its Embedded Solid-State Drives for Industrial Applications Data&StorageAsean
12/12/2017 Greenliant expands portfolio of eMMC NANDrive embedded solid state drives for industrial applications Embedded Computing Design
12/12/2017 Greenliant Sampling eMMC 5.1 NANDrive Embedded SSDs
12/12/2017 Greenliant Expands Portfolio of eMMC NANDrive TechPowerUp
01/28/2015 Greenliant打响2015 NVMe闪存卡第一枪
01/19/2015 PCIe NVMe MLC G-card SSDs Introduced by Greenliant
01/16/2015 Greenliant’s new NVMe flash cards available for enterprise, Internet data center applications Computer Technology Review (CTR)
01/14/2015 NVMe Flash Storage Products offer 1.37 or 2.75 TB capacity. ThomasNet News
01/13/2015 Greenliant Systems releases G-card NVMe SSDs TweakTown
01/12/2015 Greenliant、書込耐性10DWPDを実現したPCI-Express対応SSD「G-card」シリーズ hermitage akihabara
07/09/2014 The 10 Coolest Flash Storage Products Of 2014 (So Far) CRN
04/30/2014 Top SSD Companies - Q1 2014
04/23/2014 Solid State Drives feature power interrupt data protection. ThomasNet News
04/15/2014 Greenliant Shipping mSATA ArmourDrive SSDs for Embedded Systems
04/14/2014 SSD para sistemas embebidos
04/14/2014 Greenliant mSATA SSDs Begin Shipping Electronic Design
04/12/2014 Greenliant начинает поставки SSD ArmourDrive GLS86 со встроенной защитой от сбоев по питанию
04/12/2014 Greenliant выпустила новые SSD ArmourDrive GLS86
04/11/2014 Future Electronics Announces Greenliant's SATA NANDrive™ to Replace Industrial Grade CFast Cards ThomasNet News
04/10/2014 ArmourDrive SSDs with integrated power interrupt protection ship TweakTown
04/10/2014 Greenliant – New mSATA ArmourDrive SSDs feature built-in power interrupt data protection Electropages
04/10/2014 Greenliant mSATA ArmourDrive
04/10/2014 Greenliant、電源保護回路搭載のmSATA SSD「mSATA ArmourDrive」出荷開始 hermitage akihabara
04/09/2014 New mSATA ArmourDrive SSDs from Greenliant Have Good Temperature Resistance Softpedia
04/09/2014 Greenliant Announces Volume Production of mSATA ArmourDrive SSDs — Built-In Data Protection For Power Loss or Interruption The SSD Review
04/09/2014 Reliable, Removable, Rugged Storage for Embedded Systems Embedded Computing Design
04/09/2014 Reliable, Removable, Rugged Storage for Embedded Systems Industrial Embedded Systems
03/05/2014 Future Electronics Offers Greenliant's eMMC NANDrive™ to Replace Industrial SD Cards ThomasNet News
02/04/2014 Top SSD Companies - Q4 2013
02/03/2014 Embedded SSDs For Long-Life Applications Circuit Cellar
12/23/2013 Greenliant Shipping Embedded eMMC NANDrive SSD
12/23/2013 eMMC NANDrive do zastosowań przemysłowych
12/20/2013 Long-Life, Embedded SSDs operate from -40 to +85°C. ThomasNet News
12/19/2013 Industrial grade NANDrives have 4 to 32 Gbytes Electronic Products
12/18/2013 Embedded solid state NAND-based drives operate over full industrial temperatures EDN Europe
12/18/2013 Greenliant shipping industrial temperature eMMC NANDrive CIOL
12/18/2013 eMMC Supports Automotive Infotainment Media & Entertainment Technologies (M&E Tech)
12/18/2013 Greenliant Announces Mass Production of eMMC NANDrive Embedded M2M Solutions
12/17/2013 Greenliant Shipping Industrial Temperature eMMC NANDrive™ John Day's Automotive Electronics
12/17/2013 Greenliant начинает поставки встраиваемых SSD eMMC NANDrive GLS85VM, рассчитанных на промышленный диапазон температур
12/17/2013 Greenliant – New embedded solid-state drives designed for long-life applications Electropages
12/17/2013 Greenliant Launches eMMC Embedded SSDs That Work at Extreme Temperatures Softpedia
12/17/2013 Greenliant выпускает eMMC твердотельные накопители GLS85VM для встраиваемых решений
12/16/2013 Przemysłowe pamięci SATA NANDrive o pojemnościach 16 i 32 GB ElektronikaB2B
12/16/2013 Greenliant Announces Mass Production of eMMC NANDrive Embedded Solid State Drives The SSD Review
12/16/2013 Greenliant Shipping Industrial Temperature eMMC NANDrive TechPowerUp
10/15/2013 Top SSD Companies - Q3 2013
09/24/2013 Embedded SSDs suit high-reliability applications. ThomasNet News
09/24/2013 Greenliant ships industrial grade 16 GB and 32 GB SATA NANDrive Embedded Control Europe
09/19/2013 Greenliant presenta sus unidades de almacenamiento SATA NANDrive Noticias3D
09/18/2013 Greenliant – High-capacity SLC NAND-based embedded SSDs for high-reliability applications Electropages
09/18/2013 16 GB and 32 GB SATA NANDrive Embedded SSDs Now Selling Softpedia
09/18/2013 Greenliant начинает поставки встраиваемых SSD SATA NANDrive объемом 16 и 32 ГБ
09/18/2013 Greenliant SATA NANDrive
09/18/2013 High-endurance industrial grade 16/32 GB SATA NANDrive SSDs ElectronicSpecifier
09/18/2013 High-endurance industrial-grade 16 GB and 32 GB SATA SSDs EDN Europe
09/17/2013 Greenliant begins shipping 16GB and 32GB SATA NANDrive TweakTown
09/17/2013 Greenliant Shipping High-Endurance Industrial Grade 16GB And 32GB SATA NANDrive Embedded SSDs
09/01/2013 Industrial Grade mSATA SSD for Embedded Applications RTC Magazine
08/11/2013 Greenliant представляет mSATA SSD с собственным контроллером и SLC памятью
08/06/2013 Greenliant Sampling Industrial Grade mSATA ArmourDrive MLC/SLC SSD
08/05/2013 Greenliant: industrial grade mSATA SSD for embedded applications Embedded Control Europe
08/02/2013 Industrial Grade SSD meets needs of embedded applications. ThomasNet News
07/31/2013 Greenliant samples out industrial grade mSATA SSD EDN Asia
07/31/2013 Greenliant enters removable SSD market Electronicsfeed
07/30/2013 Greenliant выпускает промышленные твердотельные mSATA накопители ArmourDrive GLS86
07/30/2013 The mSATA ArmourDrive Debuts, Greenliant's Newest SSD Line Softpedia
07/30/2013 Greenliant – Industrial-grade solid state drives for embedded applications Electropages
07/30/2013 Greenliant, mSATA Yapısındaki ArmourDrive SSD’lerini Tanıttı SSD Labs
07/30/2013 Greenliant、電源保護回路を備えた産業用mSATA SSD「mSATA ArmourDrive」 hermitage akihabara
07/29/2013 Greenliant launches industrial grade mSATA AmourDrive SSD
07/29/2013 Greenliant Announces mSATA ArmourDrive SSD For Industrial, Medical, Military And Networking Applications The SSD Review
07/29/2013 Industrial grade SSD has mSATA interface Electronic Products
07/10/2013 Top 25 SSD Companies - Q2 2013
04/30/2013 Can surface-mount SSDs replace high-density NOR flash? EE Times
04/17/2013 Top 25 SSD Companies - Q1 2013
03/19/2013 Greenliant Systems' NANDrive™ I-temp BGA form-factor SSDs
03/11/2013 Greenliant unveils industrial-temp SSDs EE Times
03/01/2013 Des SSD à technologie Nand MLC 2 bits/cellule de classe industrielle L’Embarqué
03/01/2013 Greenliant Shipping Industrial Temperature SATA and PATA NANDrive SSDs
03/01/2013 MLC NAND-based SATA/PATA SSDs have industrial temperature range. ThomasNet News
02/26/2013 I-temp MLC NAND-based NANDrive SSDs EPN
02/22/2013 Greenliant shipping industrial temperature MLC NAND-based SATA and PATA NANDrive solid state drives TechOnline India
02/22/2013 Greenliant начинает поставки встраиваемых SSD I-temp NANDrive, рассчитанных на работу при температурах от -40 °С до +85 °С
02/21/2013 Greenliant Ships Industrial Temperature SATA and PATA NANDrive SSDs ElectronicSpecifier
02/21/2013 New Energy-Efficient, Secure SSD Products Released by Greenliant Softpedia
02/21/2013 Greenliant Now Shipping Industrial Temperature NANDrive TechPowerUp
02/21/2013 -40℃~85℃の広温度域で使用できる1チップSSD、Greenliant「GLS85LS SATA/GLS85LP PATA」 hermitage akihabara
02/20/2013 Greenliant Shipping Industrial Temperature MLC NAND-Based NANDrive SSDs
01/24/2013 Special Edition: Bringing Intelligence to Embedded Systems Intel® Embedded Innovator Newsletter
12/10/2012 BPM Microsystems Hits Milestone with Support for More Than 40,000 Devices EMSNow
09/04/2012 Greenliant SSDs take aim at embedded industrial apps EE Times
09/04/2012 First cost-effective BGA solid state drives to meet I-temp reliability Electronic Product Design & Test
08/24/2012 Industrial-temperature SATA and PATA embedded solid state drives introduced by Greenliant Military & Aerospace Electronics
08/24/2012 64 Gig SATA SSD chip works at -40 to 85C Electronic Products
08/23/2012 Greenliant sampling industrial temperature SATA, PATA EDN Asia
08/22/2012 MLC NAND now suited for extended temperature use Electronics News
08/22/2012 NAND-based MLC solid state drives reach industrial temperatures EE Times Europe
08/22/2012 MLC NAND-based NANDrive SSDs for Industrial Temperatures ElectronicSpecifier
08/21/2012 SSD in multi-chip package offers flexibility, choices ECN Magazine
07/31/2012 Embedded Solid State Drives are JEDEC eMMC 4.4 and 4.3 standard-compatible EPN
07/03/2012 Greenliant Entering Into eMMC
06/24/2012 Rugged solid-state drives for industrial and automotive applications introduced by Greenliant Military & Aerospace Electronics
06/22/2012 Greenliant announces eMMC embedded solid state drives TechOnline India
06/21/2012 Greenliant Enters eMMC Market With Full I-temp NANDrive SSD TechPowerUp
06/21/2012 SSD designed to withstand harsh conditions ECN Magazine
06/21/2012 [リリース] Greenliant、e-MMC4.4に準拠した高信頼性1チップSSD「e.MMC NANDrive GLS85VM」 hermitage akihabara
05/10/2012 Drive interfaces require trade-offs EDN
03/27/2012 Industrial grade SATA NANDrive Embedded SSDs Electronic Product Design & Test
03/20/2012 SSD NANDrive SATA para entornos industriales
03/16/2012 Static analysis for security, FPGA performance, off-grid computing with solar Embedded Computing Design E-letter
03/02/2012 Greenliant начинает поставки встраиваемых SSD NANDrive размерами 14 x 24 x 1,95 мм
03/01/2012 Greenliant releases industrial-grade embedded SSDs EE Times
03/01/2012 Greenliant announces shipping of its 2-8GB SLC NANDrive SSD Freaks
02/29/2012 High endurance SSD can survive South Pole temperatures The Inquirer
02/28/2012 Greenliant NANDrive SSD Mass Production Announced
02/28/2012 Greenliant Announces NANDrive Embedded SSDs - Advancing Flexibility And Innovation The SSD Review
02/28/2012 Greenliant ships industrial secure SATA NANDrives
01/11/2012 Memorias SSD para interface SATA
12/05/2011 New Trends in Custom-Made Self-Service Kiosks
11/30/2011 Small form factor, low power systems based on Intel® Atom™ processors Intel® Embedded Innovator Newsletter
10/10/2011 BGA-packaged SSDs are the smallest around Electronics Products
10/07/2011 Solid State Drives can be soldered directly onto motherboard. ThomasNet News
10/04/2011 Small SSDs Electronic Product Design
10/04/2011 Small SSDs Electronic Product Design & Test
09/30/2011 SATA NANDrive SSDs simplify system-level board design EDN Asia
03/04/2011 Greenliant is sampling new embedded solid state drives (SSDs) EE Times
03/01/2011 First Single Package SATA SSD : Greenliant NANDrive Geeky Gadgets
02/18/2011 Greenliant - Industrial Qualified Embedded SSDs Media & Entertainment Technologies (M&E Tech)
02/18/2011 Low Voltage Flash Memory Will Boost SSD Uptake eWEEK Europe
01/20/2011 Greenliant Ships Industrial-Grade 8GB Embedded SLC SSD
01/20/2011 Greenliant unveils GLS85LP1008P solid state drive Computer Business Review
11/22/2010 Model for Future High Volume Memory Configurations EDN
11/11/2010 Super-slim NANDrive SSD with SATA interface now sampling
11/09/2010 Greenliant Enters SATA SSD Market for Embedded Applications eWEEK
11/08/2010 Upstart Greenliant rolls embedded SSDs EE Times
05/27/2010 Greenliant Acquires Assets of Microchip
05/24/2010 Microchip sells certain SST assets to Greenliant EDN


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