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G-dash® provides an integrated, GUI-based set of software tools for managing multiple G-card® NVMe flash cards installed in a server with a Linux operating system. G-dash offers a wide range of storage management and monitoring features, including seamless user capacity configuration, firmware update, real-time performance, alert system and card health status utilities.

Once a G-card has been installed, G-dash continuously collects device information and presents it in a simple format to aid users with optimizing their storage configuration, tracking performance and monitoring device status. G-dash provides used and maximum available user capacities, firmware revision, serial number and SMART information. Its comprehensive alert system serves prompt notifications for critical events such as fatal errors, low available spare blocks, improper system power-offs and abnormal device controller temperatures.

Resizing G-card capacity, formatting the device and updating firmware can be done by using simple configuration options. Users can easily configure each installed G-card to achieve optimized performance and user capacity. G-dash's intelligent features complement G-card's advanced capabilities such as distributed ECC architecture, built-in hardware RAID and robust power interrupt data protection, providing a consistent user experience and detailed insight into storage performance.

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