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NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive - Commercial Temperature 2 TBytes 2280 SSDs
The GLS88AR002T3 ArmourDrive™ solid state drive (SSD) combines 2 TBytes of NAND flash memory with an advanced NVMe NAND controller on a printed circuit board (PCB) module. This commercial temperature DRAM-less NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive offers high performance, energy efficiency and TCG Pyrite support for user data access control.

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Series Capacity Voltage Interface NAND Configuration Temperature Range Form Factor
88 PX 2 TB 3.3V PCIe Gen3x4 3 bits per cell (TLC) Commercial (0°C to +70°C) 2280, M key
Product Documents:
Fact Sheet: GLS88ARxxxx3 128GB-2TB C-temp NVMe M.2 2280 ArmourDrive PX Series
Product Brief: NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive
产品简介: NVMe M.2 ArmourDrive
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