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The GLS55VD020 is the heart of a high-performance, flash media-based data storage system. The ATA Flash Disk Controller recognizes the control, address, and data signals on the ATA/IDE bus and translates them into memory accesses for standard NAND-type flash media. Utilizing both Single-Level Cell (SLC) and Multi-Level Cell (MLC) flash media, this technology supports solid state mass storage applications by offering new, expanded functionality while enabling smaller, lighter designs with lower power consumption.

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Voltage Interface Write Performance Read Performance ECC Temperature Range Package Type
3.3V or 5V PATA 30 MByte/sec (max) 30 MByte/sec (max) 8 bits per 512-Byte sector 0°C to +70°C
-40°C to +85°C
TQFP (14 x 14 mm)
Product Documents:
Data Sheet: GLS55VD020 NAND Controller
Product Brief: NAND Controllers
产品简介: NAND 控制器
Product Support:
Application Note 1 : GLS55VD020 - Migration from GLS55LD019A/B/C/M
Application Note 2 : Design Example for the Serial Communication Interface
Additional Support : Media Support for GLS55VD020
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