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Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

Greenliant is a member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders, the Alliance offers its Members unique access to Intel technology, expertise and go-to-market support—accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions.

NXP Partner Program

Greenliant is a member of the NXP Partner program, which comprises a global network of independent engineering companies that offer the vital tools, software, technology, engineering services and training to speed your design. From reference boards to optimized software, the NXP Partner program provides a powerful and comprehensive ecosystem that partners with you in making the world a smarter, more connected place.

Texas Instruments Design Network

Greenliant is a member of the TI Design Network, a worldwide community of respected, well-established companies offering products and services that complement TI's semiconductor device solutions. Products and services include a broad range of reference designs, turnkey products and services, system modules, embedded software, engineering services, and development tools that help customers accelerate development efforts and reduce time-to-market.


JEDEC logoGreenliant is a member of JEDEC, the global leader in developing open standards for the microelectronics industry. With more than 3,000 volunteers representing nearly 300 member companies, JEDEC brings manufacturers and suppliers together to participate in more than 50 committees and subcommittees, with the mission to create standards to meet the diverse technical and developmental needs of the industry. JEDEC's collaborative efforts ensure product interoperability, benefiting the industry and ultimately consumers by decreasing time-to-market and reducing product development costs.


MIPI logoGreenliant is a member of the MIPI Alliance. MIPI is a collaborative global organization serving industries that develop mobile and mobile-influenced devices. The focus of the organization is to design and promote hardware and software interfaces that simplify the integration of components built into a device, from the antenna and modem to peripherals and the application processor.

NVM Express

NVM Express logoGreenliant is a member of the NVM Express Organization. NVM Express is an optimized, high performance, scalable host controller interface with a streamlined register interface and command set designed for Enterprise and Client systems that use PCI Express SSDs. The 90+ member companies of the NVM Express Organization collaborate on the development of technical standards and tools, technology education and marketing the benefits of NVM Express.


PCI-SIG logoGreenliant is a member of the PCI-SIG. PCI-SIG is the Special Interest Group that owns and manages PCI specifications as open industry standards. The organization defines and implements new industry standard I/O (Input/Output) specifications as the industry's local I/O needs evolve. The PCI Special Interest Group was formed in 1992 and became a nonprofit corporation, named "PCI-SIG," in the year 2000. Currently, more than 900 industry-leading companies are active PCI-SIG members worldwide.


SATA-IO logoGreenliant is a member of the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO). The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) is the group responsible for developing, managing, and driving adoption of the Serial ATA specifications. Users of the Serial ATA interface benefit from greater speed, simpler upgradeable storage devices and easier configuration.

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