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Greenliant > Greenliant Systems Joins TI Design Network – Offering NANDrive™ Solid State Storage Solution in Texas Instruments Processor Designs

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Greenliant Systems Joins TI Design Network – Offering NANDrive™
Solid State Storage Solution in Texas Instruments Processor Designs

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – NOVEMBER 12, 2012 – Greenliant Systems, a leader in energy-efficient, solid state storage products, is a new member of the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) Design Network, a worldwide community of respected, well-established companies offering products and services that complement TI's semiconductor device solutions.

As a member of the TI Design Network, Greenliant emphasizes its commitment to providing ball grid array (BGA) solid state drives (SSDs) that are compatible with designs using TI’s embedded processors, including digital signal processors (DSPs), DaVinci™ video processors, OMAP™ processors and other ARM®-based processors.

NANDrive™ embedded SSDs combine Greenliant internally-developed NAND controllers and a wide range of NAND flash capacities—from 512 MByte to 64 GByte—in multi-chip packages. NANDrive uses industry-standard interfaces (eMMC, PATA, SATA) and is offered in commercial (0 to +70 degrees Celsius) and industrial (-40 to +85 degrees Celsius) temperatures.

“Joining strategic ecosystems like the TI Design Network helps Greenliant develop and refine its solid state storage solutions to meet end-application demands, especially customer needs in the automotive, video and image processing, portable computing and networking markets,” said Arthur Kroyan, vice president, business development and marketing, Greenliant Systems. “Our focus is on providing high reliability embedded SSD products in a variety of capacities and configuration options based on performance, power consumption and endurance requirements.”

About the Texas Instruments Design Network
The TI Design Network is a premier group of independent, well-established companies that offer products and system-level design and manufacturing services complementing TI's semiconductors to a worldwide customer base to accelerate product innovation and time-to-market. Network members provide product design, hardware and software system integration, turnkey product design, RF and processor system modules, reference platforms, software development, proof-of-concept design, feasibility studies, research, certification compliance, prototyping, manufacturing, and product life cycle management. For more information about the TI Design Network, please visit

About Greenliant Systems
By leveraging more than 20 years of solid state storage design expertise, Greenliant Systems is dedicated to developing energy-efficient, highly reliable and secure storage solutions for the embedded system, data center and mobile Internet markets. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with product development in Santa Clara, Beijing, Shanghai and Hsinchu, and marketing teams in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about Greenliant Systems, please visit

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